Body Armor: Female Fit

Proper fit is an important element of the protective capability of any officer's vest because it helps to ensure sufficient coverage of the torso and vital organs, while allowing range of motion to perform expected tasks. Proper fit is even more important for female officers because of their unique features.

"Females are not small males," said Beverly Kimball, project engineer for female U.S. Army aviation combat uniforms also being developed at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center. "We have specific proportions that require designs for fit and function for uniforms as well as equipment."

60% of Female Officers Reported that Their Armor Didn’t Fit Properly

Surveys and workshops with female law enforcement officers reveal that more than 60 percent feel that they have never had an armor that fit properly. In fact, the majority say that their current vest does not fit well and that they have issues in terms of abrasion, pain, numbness and other discomfort.


Female Body Armor Photos

Female officer examines bullet proof vest Photo 2 - Female officer puts on bulletproof vest Photo 3 - female officer demonstrates fit of bulletproof vest Photo 4 - female officer uses vest under uniform Photo 5 - female officer using vest under her uniform Photo 6 - female officer closes up uniform over her bulletproof vest

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