Body Armor in Corrections

The potential for deadly assaults on those who work in prisons and jails across the country is much different from assaults on law enforcement officers. The threats to corrections officers most often are in the form of knife blades and spike-style weapons that have been improvised from a variety of materials and objects commonly available in corrections facilities. You can see examples of these weapons in the photography series of collected shanks shown below.

Stab and Slash Threats

Thumbnail cover for Addressing Real-World Stab and Slash ThreatsTo help corrections officers obtain the protection they need against the real-world threats found in corrections settings, NIJ is updating the Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor, NIJ Standard-0115.00. For a brief on this revision, download NIJ's Fact Sheet, Addressing Real-World Stab and Slash Threats Body Armor Standard (PDF).

Corrections in Action – A Story in Photos

Officers wearing riot police gear tackle prisoners in mock prison riot Photo 2 - Group photo of officers in riot gear Photo 3 - Officer in gear is poised to shoot Shanks part 1 of 3 Array of shanks part 2 of 3 Shanks part 3 of 3 Close up of hands grasping cell bars

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